Shannon MicroCoil Quality Tour

At Shannon MicoCoil, we continually strive to provide our customers with the highest possible quality products. In compliance with industry quality standards, we have gained the following accreditation and approval: Shannon MicroCoil holds the definitive Accreditation in the Coiling sector. ISO 13485:2003 Accredited Cert No. 523295business expand considerably, servicing a truly global marketplace.

At Shannon MicroCoil we work with the world leaders in medical grade wire which are FDA and or BSI approved, in conjunction with our highly experienced and skilled design team we can supply our customers with the most comprehensive coil and wire form designs to suit their requirements.

At Shannon MicroCoil we offer a controlled engineering environment in our 2100 sq foot White Room that encompasses a 400 sq foot Clean Room offering our clients design facilities with precision engineering state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to produce the best possible manufacturing environment.

What one multi-national medical device manufacturer says “Having worked with SMC over many years I have absolute confidence that their commitment to quality is second to none in the industry – that gives me great peace-of-mind” See more.