Shannon MicroCoil Wire Coils

Flat Wire/ Shaft Reinforcement

We produce flatwire coils in a range of wire sizes – typically from 0.002” x 0.004” to 0.016” x 0.028” in lengths of up to 2.5 metres.  These coils are found in a broad range of devices from smooth guidewires,  wound stents and marker coils to catheter shaft reinforcement where superb anti-kink resistance is required. Pitch and diameter may be varied along the coil as required.

  • Wire sizes from 0.002” x 0.004”
  • Range of materials, but typically SS 304V
  • Full geometry control – pitch, diameter (tapers and flares)
  • Superb quality
  • PTFE coated if required
  • Parylene coated if required
  • Surface textured if required (anti glare)
  • Matching shaft lay-up Mandrels

Round Wire

We can produce in sizes from 0.001” upwards in a range of materials such as Stainless Steels, precious metal alloys, plated wire and PTFE coated wires.  From lengths as short as a single turn to 2.5m with fully controllable pitch, diameter and droop.

We can also supply straightened wire for cores as well as precision centreless grinding on both the finished coil (depending on size) and on core wire.

  • From 0.001”
  • SS, CoCr, MP35N,PtW, PtIr, Gold Plated, PTFE coated, Parylene coated
  • Full geometry control – pitch, diameter (tapers and flares), droop
  • Tissue screws, micro thread inserts
  • Fiducials