Shannon MicroCoil Speciality Guidewires

Speciality Guidwires

Shannon MicroCoil’s Speciality Guidewires are designed for interventional procedures and intended for use with diagnostic and therapeutic catheters and interventional devices within the coronary and peripheral vasculature.

Shannon MicroCoil are capable of providing PTFE coated coils for use in all medical devices, certified to ISO 13485. This latest technology allows us to produce PTFE coils in any length and in the most extreme geometries and indexes. Our team can coil wires down to sizes as low as .001″.

Features include:
• A smooth transition between tip and core
• Stainless, nitinol, and platinum configurations
• A variety of sizes, from .008” diameter to 300cm length
• A wide variety of options are available including length markings, floppy tips, and angled
• PTFE coated Bentson wires

We specialise in guidewire sizes typically below 0.014” and down to 0.008”. These find application in neurovascular specialties in particular. Other applications include RF cautery.