Shannon MicroCoil Case Studies

Product/Service: Catheter Reinforcement Coils and Mandrels
Company: Teleflex Medical
Key Challenge: Flexible Production Scheduling


Teleflex Medical is a global supplier of medical devices. The company has had a relationship with Shannon MicroCoils for almost 15 years.

Mandrels and Microcoiling

When Shannon MicroCoil started to supply Teleflex Medical, the main requirement was for mandrels.
“Orders for mandrels from Shannon MicroCoil go back to 1997. As our business expanded we developed new capabilities in the manufacturing of medical devices and micro-coiling became a key requirement”
Around that time Shannon MicroCoil also recognized the opportunity in this sector and the company secured the industry quality standard ISO 13485, which is a vital requirement for OEMs in this market.

Teleflex Medical has continued to work with Shannon MicroCoil
“A few years ago we were developing a catheter and Shannon MicroCoil worked with us from the design stage through to securing approval from the customer – it was a very stringent demanding process so we were delighted to secure the customer contract. That success delivered ongoing business for both companies. The distinguishing factor was the quality of the product delivered, inside very aggressive leadtimes. Shannon MicroCoil consistently achieves the quality requirements of our product specifications and combines that with impressive delivery dates for new orders”.

Traceability and Lead Times

Traceability is critical in the Medical Devices market and Teleflex Medical has been impressed with the system in place at Shannon MicroCoil
“Shannon MicorCoil has the quality systems in place to provide full traceability if required. Also, the certification provided with each delivery consistently meets the requirements as detailed in the Teleflex purchasing specifications. This facilitates trouble-free receipting of deliveries.”

Shannon MicroCoil is the preferred supplier of microcoils for Teleflex Medical and response rates were another factor in the decision to work together
“Lead times from alternative coil suppliers can be as long as 6 weeks, by comparison Shannon MicroCoil can regularly turn orders out in half that time, or even less. Although we try plan in advance, last-minute orders do come in and Shannon MicroCoil seem to have great flexibility in their production schedule”.

Future Growth in Medical Devices

Teleflex Medical sees much opportunity for growth in the niche medical device market that uses the coils supplied by Shannon MicroCoil. They consider sub-contractors like Shannon MicroCoil as critical to their success in securing business
” When you need consistent quality and an ability to respond to new orders quickly it’s essential that you have a supplier you can trust – we’ve been lucky to work with Shannon MicroCoil for many years and highly recommend them”.

Product/Service: Microcoiling and Welding
Company: Accutool, an Engineering Solutions Provider
Key Challenge: Tight Delivery Deadlines – Beat the Clock!



Accutool supplies the U.S., Europe, Britain and Ireland with world-class engineering solutions. Shannon MicroCoil is a sub-contractor for Accutool in recent years however the company has had a long-term relationship through a range of different companies, with an industry professional now working with Accutool. He says “As I became more and more involved in the medical devices sector I always went back to Shannon MicroCoil because Eamonn has never let me down – it’s as simple as that!” 

Products Delivered

Accutool has been supplied by Shannon MicroCoil with a variety of products, often in connection with the manufacture of medical devices. The most recent project involved a two-way process where Accutool developed a mechanical machine part and Shannon MicroCoil developed a spring to fit into the part. “We documented a comprehensive product specification together and ultimately a suitable product was delivered – which in turn meant that we could both secure business.”

No-Nonsense Approach

When you ask Accutool why working with Shannon MicroCoil has been such a positive experience, the response is decisive “To be honest – you bring your problem to Eamonn and he’ll tell you straight away whether he can deliver or not. If he can’t he doesn’t waste your time but when Shannon MicroCoil takes on a job, they always come up trumps.”

The Challenge – Beat the Clock!

One of the key challenges for suppliers in the medical device sector is meeting extremely tight delivery deadlines. Typically customers may hold low volumes of stock so when orders come in, they need to be delivered fast “In this industry, when a client is looking for components, they can be needed in a matter of days, not weeks.” So how does Accutool manage to meet these customer demands? “Shannon MicroCoil keeps a buffer stock that are partially completed and that allows us all to beat the clock – in practice it gives Accutool real competitor advantage.”

Future Business

Accutool plans to continue working with Shannon MicroCoil, “When it comes to design expertise, Shannon MicroCoil have deliver an excellent service, backed up by superb manufacturing processes.”

Product/Service: Microcoiling
Company: VistaMed


VistaMed offers a comprehensive catheter development and assembly service to the world’s leading medical device OEM’s.

Shannon MicroCoil has supplied VistaMed over many years and is a key sub-contractor for the business. “When I needed a microcoiling supplier I asked the MD here who should I contact and he recommended Shannon MicroCoil.” Initially the company supplied a specific coil however as VistaMed grew the business, the requirements also developed. “We have been branching into different areas in recent years and now we need a variety of sizes and specifications for the coils.”

Customer Focus

When asked why Shannon MicroCoil continues to be a preferred supplier, the project manager says “Initially it was due to cost. However obviously that’s only one element – right now the industry is demanding extremely quick turn-around times on samples and the need for excellent quality processes goes without saying. We’ve always felt confident that Shannon MicroCoil delivers on all these fronts.”

In order to grow the business, VistaMed has designed a number of devices in accordance with very specific requirements set down by the customer. The company has worked together with Shannon MicroCoil right from the design stages through to securing customer contracts and delivering manufactured product “To a large extent if we secure a new contract with Shannon MicroCoil springs in a device then its business for us all into the future – that’s why this type of relationship is so important to both businesses.”

A People Business

Despite the fact that quality standards are stringent and the medical devices sector is naturally highly regulated, personal relationships and good communications are still a major influencing factor in choosing suppliers “They are very easy to work with, they know what you are looking for and do not continue to produce parts if they feel there may be any issue whatsoever – they would always ring and confirm our requirements.”

“Shannon MicroCoil meet & exceed our expectations – in a quick turn around time!”